Parent’s Guide to School Picture Day: what to expect


What we do differently…we love to shoot outside!

Why do we shoot outside? Shooting outside provides a natural look and typically puts the kids at ease, so we can capture real smiles. Our goal is to produce authentic portraits and give you a professional photography feel and product. We are experienced photographers and we are proud of our work! We strive to give you a school photo you’ll want to show off.

Living in the Midwest means weather can be a challenge, sometimes we need to move photo day inside. When we cannot shoot outside, no worries, we still capture fun and unique images. As the lead photographer, I’ve owned a portrait studio for 13 years. I train often with the photographers that make up KLP and we are prepared for either outside or inside photography. Our experience shines…We believe you will see this in your child’s photos. We make it fun for your kids!

We feel part of the generic look of typical school photos is a result of providers trying to quickly move kids through the line, often only taking one photo, and also a lack of experienced photographers. We’ve got this covered. We have the experience and the passion to work with kids!

**If we make the decision to move inside, our plan for the fall is to use a neutral grey backdrop. All skin tones and clothing colors appear with great detail and contrast. In the spring, we have a bit more fun with a bright light blue backdrop to spark a spring vibe and show off the spring colors.

Clothing Choices: what to wear

We love for kids to show their personalities on photo day, and one great way is with their photo day outfits. For the best results dress your best! Don’t be afraid of colorful outfits, fun patterns and accessories…we love to see those ties and pretty dresses! Here are a few things to avoid:


*Avoid clothing with a lot of text or big logos

*Avoid neon colors and pure white - in sunlight these colors can become blownout, lose detail,and washout skin tones.

*Avoid transition lenses - there is really nothing we can do to keep them from turning dark. Sorry! If your child wears transition glasses we will take most of the photos without glasses.


Viewing & Ordering your photos

In most cases your school photos will be online within two weeks. You will receive an email directing you to your personal gallery. Each gallery is password protected. If you have more than one child it’s easy to add additional student codes to your shopping cart.

You should know ordering right away comes with big perks! Ordering within the first two weeks provides a discount and your order will be delivered to school without charge. After two weeks, packages are full price and you must pay a shipping fee as orders are shipped directly to you.

Our galleries are different! We provide a variety of poses for you to choose from - YOU choose the photo to fill your package. Some options offer multiple poses and digital downloads within one package!

We offer a variety of packages, individual add-on prints, photo downloads, and a few gift ideas. All available in an online easy to use shopping link.